Feminism is not a function to admonish men or their actions, it is the recognition of gender role instigators, oppressors and conditioning. And a tool to recognise in yourself where you fall to de-value anybody because of their gender, sexuality, race or background.
Girl on a train
wait, wait - are you the uk folks we met in tawau??

Yes we took Cassie(I think the right name) to the airport with us, she told us abit about your story and its sounds so extraordinary. I hope you are ok! I told her about Howard Stanton in kudat who hooks you up with free accommodation if you help out around the community. Not sure if she got it to you.
Wish we would have crossed paths for a bit longer!

Bali pt.2

Bali pt.1

Sungai Kinabatangan // Sepilok

Tampat Do Aman

Sarawak to Sabah

Treetops Lodge : Miri : Borneo : Malaysia

Annah Rais : Macheree’s Homestay 

Bako National Park : Borneo

Kuching : Bed by 6pm.

London to Kuching
6 week video diary of our trip to Borneo, Malaysia.

Hogtoberfest 2013